Top 4 Gadgets for On-The-Go

Top 4 Gadgets for On-The-Go

Gadgets aren't just about getting a new toy to play with (although it's always fun to have a new gadget to play with!).  If you choose carefully, gadgets can make your life easier, more productive and streamlined.  Here are four top gadgets that will help you to continue your work or play on the go, wherever you are:

PS Compatible Bluetooth ControllerThis revolutionary controller comes in a range of unique designs and connects to any PS device via Bluetooth connectivity, making gaming on the go as easy as pie.  This controller is rechargeable and features a touch pad, an integrated light bar and a built-in speaker.  No more being tethered to your games console!

PS4 Compatible Bluetooth Controller

PS4 Controller Mobile Phone StandThis mobile phone stand fits onto any PS4 controller, enabling you to play your favorite PS games through your mobile phone app, allowing you to continue your gaming on the go.  It slots onto your PS4 controller with ease, without the need for extra tools or effort.  Next time you're sat in a waiting room, travelling long distance by car or bus, or simply bored at home, you could be gaming in comfort with the help of this nifty little gadget.

PS4 Controller Mobile Phone Stand

Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Foldable TripodThis selfie stick is compact and should fit perfectly in your pocket, making it an essential for on-the-go filming or photography.  It has a range of up to 10 meters and is compatible with most smart phones.  So, whether you are doing some vlogging in the local café, capturing some memories on the beach or skiing in the alps, you can be sure to capture the moments with ease and perfection.

Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick With Foldable Tripod

Eyebrow Trimmer KitThis handy kit is not only perfectly portable, but it also contains some amazing little tools to keep you freshly groomed on-the-go.  The foldable eyebrow razor can help you to tidy up your eyebrows, facial hair or bikini area with ease, whilst the tweezers and eyebrow brush will ensure that your brows are always on point no matter where you are.

Eyebrow Trimmer Kit

On-the-go gadgets can be absolute lifesavers for travelers, nomads and best of all, anyone! They solve some of the most annoying travel problems, keep you entertained on the go, and make the best gifts for the people you love.  Which on-the-go gadget is your favorite?


  • Fantastic suggestions! I know it is probably silly to some people but anytime I find any sort of gadgets like these, I have to get them. I do a lot of traveling for work and anything that is compact and useful for me is an instant win. I like to buy stuff like this as gifts too for other people who would otherwise not know they exist.

    Brandon Green
  • I am always looking for ways to make traveling easier. I do a lot of long-distance traveling as I work in two different states as well as have a relationship with someone. Sometimes the flights and drives can be long and boring. I love that controller with the stand. I do play mobile games when I am traveling so that would certainly be useful! Especially since I am trying to take better care of my neck.

    Sara M.

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