How Pets Are Therapeutic To Humans

Even though our dogs can make toys out of our favorite shoes or our cats can turn that brand new sofa into a scratched-up disaster, we still love keeping them for company! Pets allow us to have non-judgmental companionship and love when we need it most which has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. Why not show them some extra love for being there for you with a new pet gadget they are sure to love?

Something Fun for Dogs: A New Dog Leash

Dog Leash

What dog doesn’t enjoy going for a nice walk? Gifting your pup with a new leash will be a fun treat for you both as it will encourage you to take your dog on more walks. This bonding time spent walking will make your dog feel more loved as well as provide positive health benefits for you. It is a win-win!

Something Cute for Cats: A New Cozy Cat Bed

Cats love feeling warm and secure. This is probably why they return the favor by shedding all over everything to keep us warm! Jokes aside, nothing says “I love you” to a cat quite like providing a new place for them to relax and rest. These adorable beds will provide a special place in your house for kitty to snuggle up and snooze while keeping the cat fur better contained.

Something for Both: Pet Grooming Gloves

Cats and dogs both love being rubbed, pet, and groomed. It is a good way to not only bond with them but helps keep your house a little less covered in fur! Using a pet grooming glove, you will provide that hand-to-body contact your pet craves from you while keeping their fur cleaner, tangle-free, and looking fresh.

Nothing beats coming home from work and being greeted by your happy four-legged friend with pure joy and happiness in their eyes just to see you. The amount of stress that washes away just from having their company makes them well worth the care and money spent providing for them. Surprise them with something special today!


  • It amazes me how there are still people out in the world that don’t have the companionship of a dog, cat, or bird in their life. I think living with an animal is such a blessing. You learn to grow, laugh, and they help remove stress. I feel like we need a program that allows people who normally couldn’t afford a dog or cat to be able to have one for anxiety, PTSD, and other stress conditions. These are great gadgets every pet owner needs by the way.

  • These are great suggestions to gift to pets! I am always looking for ways to spoil my boys. I have 3 cats and a dog, all males and all full of so much love. I will bookmark this page and come back to it when I am doing a bit of shopping for them. Two birthdays are coming up in January. I spoiled them rotten for Christmas this year. They were all so happy.

  • I actually enjoy buying gifts for my pets more than people, is that terrible? LOL! I think it is because no matter what I buy or spend, so long as I get them something I know they will enjoy they are always so thankful. There is no pressure to get something more expensive or if I am spending too much and will look like a snob. Pets are just easier to shop for.

    Brie Peterson
  • I see nothing wrong with spoiling our pets. They truly do offer therapy and help with stress and they don’t need to do much for us. I have 2 cats and a dog. I feel like my house wouldn’t be a home without them. Anytime I take my daughter to the pet store, she has to get something small for each one of them to surprise them and they are always so happy to receive gifts.

  • I have yet to try those pet gloves. I think the concept is interesting but I feel like for what they are, they are so overpriced. At least this is the case in the pet stores. If the price is right, I might give one a go. I have a very hairy dog (Husky) and he is going through his summer coat shedding phase so the hair is all over the house!

    Dave Roberts

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